Add flood insurance to your policy.

Because damage to your home can be caused by even a couple inches of water, flood insurance provides additional coverage. Call your agent today to add this important coverage.
Florida Peninsula Insurance - Flood Insurance
Florida Peninsula Insurance - Flood Insurance

What do I need to know about flood insurance?

In the state of Florida, flood insurance coverage can be a crucial element of your policy even if you don't live in a flood zone. As the most likely disaster in the United States, floods can strike anywhere, especially in Florida where most of our state is already at sea level.

On average, Florida experiences the equivalent of 5 feet of rainfall statewide each year, making flood coverage a must for all residents.

Flood insurance coverage helps protect Florida property owners and renters against damage caused by storms, overflowing lakes and canals, excessive rainfall, and drastic floods.

Historical reports have shown that one single inch of flooded water to a home, rental, or condo can result in over $25,000 worth of damage to the structure and/or personal property.

Who needs flood insurance?

Florida residents living in a high flood risk area are sometimes required by lenders to purchase flood insurance. However, we strongly encourage all Floridians to add flood insurance coverage to their policy due to the unpredictable nature of the Sunshine State's weather patterns.

Flood waters can rise anywhere, whether you're living on the coast or deep inland. Additionally, floods can certainly occur outside of high-risk flood zones. And since most homeowners insurance policies usually only cover water-related damage resulting from a burst pipe within a home's structure, flood insurance should be a key consideration for all policyholders.

Flood coverage is relatively inexpensive for most Floridians at an average of $560 per year. For as little as $1.54 per day this coverage may be purchased providing your family with coverage from rising waters.

To help determine whether you need a flood insurance policy, feel free to explore our FAQ below!

What's covered?

Flood insurance policies usually cover:
Carpet and flooring
Electrical and plumbing
Heating and air units

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Let us answer all your questions and concerns surrounding Flood insurance.
Is flood damage covered in a homeowners policy?

No, a standard homeowners policy does not cover damage resulting from flooding, often referred to as rising water.

Is storm surge covered in my homeowners policy?

No, storm surge is considered “rising water” and damage resulting from storm surge is only covered by a flood policy, not a homeowner’s policy. If you live near a body of water which often rises when a storm threatens, a flood policy is a must.

Can I get federal assistance if my home is damaged by a flood?

Federal assistance is not guaranteed and requires an approval process. Additionally, federal assistance is almost always extended in the form of a low interest rate loan which must be repaid.

Do I need flood insurance if I am not in a flood zone?

Flood insurance is highly recommended for every homeowner in Florida, as our State is surrounded by water and very prone to flooding. Over 1/3 of all individuals seeking Federal Disaster Assistance for flood events do not live in a designated flood area.

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