Why Flood Insurance Is Essential, Even Outside Hurricane Season

If you live in Florida, flooding is a very real danger any time of year, not just during hurricane season.


But wait, you might say. My home is not located in a high-risk flood zone and my community has never flooded, at least not since I’ve been there. Do I really need flood insurance?


The general rule is yes. Because if it rains where you live, it can flood where you live, under the right circumstances. And many of those circumstances are entirely outside your control, such as:


  • Rain – how long, hard, and frequently it rains
  • Rivers, lakes, canals – if your home is located near a body of water
  • Drainage systems – whether home, street, or community level drainage is functioning properly
  • Dams, levees – how structurally sound nearby dams or levees are
  • Urban vs. rural setting – whether there’s more asphalt or natural groundcover near you
  • Construction activity – how much new construction is taking place around you


More asphalt than grass in your neighborhood can increase water runoff when it rains – and could increase the risk of flash flooding. The same is true of new construction.


Florida’s Year-Round Flood Risk

Florida's geographical location, extensive coastline, and flat terrain make it extremely susceptible to flooding any time of year. The state also has a high water table, which means the ground is less able to soak up excess rainwater. All of this makes Florida prone to flooding after heavy rains, especially if you were to factor in rising sea levels. Additionally, Florida’s subtropical climate means you can expect a significant amount of rainfall and the risk of flooding throughout the year – not just during hurricane season.


For example, just last April, there was catastrophic flash flooding in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas due to excessive rainfall. The water flooded neighborhoods, closed the airport and ports, and resulted in gas shortages elsewhere in the state. As the FOX Weather team points out in the following video, just 5”-6” of rain per hour can cause your home and other structures to flood.


If you’re wondering what your flood risk is, try the My Flood Risk online tool to discover whether your home is at low, moderate, or high risk of flooding. You can also find out your home’s elevation, and more. However, keep in mind about 25% of flood damage claims come from homes in low-risk or moderate-risk areas of the state, so there’s really nowhere in the state you’re 100% safe from flood risk. 


Increasingly Severe Weather

Climate change is leading to more extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns in recent years, including increased frequency and intensity of storms and flooding events. This unpredictability means more severe weather – including flooding – is occurring outside the traditional hurricane season than ever before. Rising sea levels also exacerbate coastal flooding in Florida, including during king tides, those exceptionally high tides with a full or new moon. Having flood insurance for your Florida home ensures continuous, year-round protection against these changing weather conditions and evolving risks.


The High Cost of Floodwater Cleanup

Flooding can cause extensive damage to homes and property. Just 1” of standing water can cost you $25,000. Because the standard homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover rising water or floodwater damage – the cost of repairs and recovery after a flood can be overwhelming for homeowners without flood insurance.


By having flood insurance, homeowners are financially protected against these losses. Insurance provides a safety net and peace of mind, so you will have the financial support needed to repair or rebuild after a flood.


Don’t Wait Until It Floods to Consider Insurance

In most cases, Florida homeowners are aware of the flooding risks during the state’s 6-month hurricane season. But did you know your risk of flooding remains significant throughout Florida, year-round? Because flooding can occur anywhere and at any time, the financial protection of flood insurance is a must-have for property owners throughout the state.


Why not take this brief quiz to test your knowledge about flood insurance and the types of water damage it covers.


Are you ready to add flood insurance to the property protections you already have in place for your home and belongings? To get started, contact your Florida Peninsula agent. If you’re not currently insured with Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, get an online quote from us right now. 

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