Why choose us?

We know about Florida. It’s where we’ve grown up or stayed on permanent vacation, where we’ve purchased our homes and started families. It’s our home.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company combines its
large-company experiences with its small-company flexibility, innovation and attitude to provide the best and most 
cost-effective policies.
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What makes us different?

  • We ensure your safety and security.
    Our policyholders deserve to deal with an insurance company which is both responsible and responsive. We are large enough to provide the protection, financial stability and security you need and we are small enough to deliver the personal attention our insureds desire.
    We continue to raise the bar.
    We are setting new standards for the insurance industry, and we pride ourselves on continuous improvement. We invest in our people and technology in order to adapt with the changing marketplace.
  • We are "A Exceptional" rated
    Florida Peninsula is financially strong. We have received an "A Exceptional" Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) from Demotech, Inc., an independent financial analysis and actuarial services firm. This rating is accepted by mortgage companies, Fannie Mac and HUD.
  • We offer competitive prices without sacrificing claims service
    Our financial stability allows us to partner with strong reinsurance partners making certain all of our policyholders receive the individual attention and the best possible coverage available. With our agents we are committed to forming long-lasting relationships with our customers to keep our policy premiums competitive and fairly priced.  
    We handle claims quickly, reply to insureds the same day, and complete inspections within 72 hours. Our innovative Managed Repair Program ensures our policyholder’s claims process will be worry free.
  • Superior Claims Handling
    Florida Peninsula understands our policyholders work hard to purchase their homes and pay insurance premiums.  Florida Peninsula believes our insureds are entitled to be made whole when a catastrophe strikes. As a policyholder, you can submit your claims via phone or online.  Upon filing a claim, we will send an inspector to your home within 72 hours, so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.
    We close 95% of all claims in less than 90 days from the date reported. Our Managed Repair Program consistently receives over 95% satisfaction rate, and 99% of our insureds who used the program say they would use it again.  We provide superior claims service and give our insureds peace of mind knowing that we stand with them during their time of need.
  • We maintain a surplus amount substantially above the state requirement
    We maintain a surplus amount substantially above the State requirement.  We  are also re-insured by top-rated reinsurance companies to cover all anticipated claims for a 100-year storm, including multiple storms in a single season.  We have carefully chosen our re-insurance partners for their financial stability, business longevity and knowledge of Florida's marketplace.  

Keeping Florida Beautiful.

Whether it’s a gorgeous Florida sunset or a white sand beach, the environment serves as the backdrop for so many of our fondest memories.Florida Peninsula is committed to operating in a manner which protects and supports our natural environment and to creating solutions to address the impact of environmental issues, throughout all of our business transactions –with our vendors, employees, customers, independent agents, investors and the general public. We are committed to limiting our carbon footprint through intelligent commercial practices.
  • Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

    My adjuster…”was responsive in returning my phone calls and answering any questions. He went above and beyond and was a great help in working through a very difficult situation”.

    Lafe C., Goodland, FL
  • Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

    When claims were delayed or parts of the file were not fully in order, Ellen went the extra mile to correct every situation. She always answers her phone and delivers personal and professional attention to her customers.

    David J., Fort Myers, FL
  • Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

    I would recommend Florida Peninsula because they stand by their customers.

    Marco V., Tampa, FL