Florida Peninsula Insurance Company takes insurance fraud very seriously. Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) works tirelessly to investigate suspicious claims and works hand in hand with law enforcement to help keep fraud from affecting everyone's rates.

Recently, our SIU staff cooperated with law enforcement in Miami-Dade County to effectuate the recent arrest of a Miami-Dade County woman, a Florida Peninsula insured. The insured alleged she heard a noise in the middle of the night, suspected a burglary and picked up a hammer to scare off the intruder. She then claimed she dropped the hammer causing damage to her tile.

The insured submitted a fraudulent receipt regarding the theft claim and also filed a subsequent claim for a chipped tile. During the course of the investigation, the receipt was confirmed by the vendor to be fake, and the theft claim was denied as a result. The insured was arrested on February 17 and charged with one count of insurance fraud.

Congratulations to the SIU team on a job well done!