On March 21, 2014, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company held its 2nd Annual Fraud Conference.  This conference invited independent claims adjusters, claims attorney's and experts to discuss trends, red flags, and reporting methods to ensure the company works together with law enforcement agencies to combat insurance fraud throughout the State of Florida.  Insurance fraud costs consumers millions of dollars annually when insurance carriers pay for fraudulent claims.  This fraud causes premiums to increase throughout the state and affects the ability of some homeowners on fixed or limited incomes to go without the peace of mind of homeowners insurance.

At this year's conference the following were recognized for their outstanding work to prevent fraud: 

Connie Avila

Scott LaRue

Richard Creel

Florida Peninsula insurance Company has a Special Investigation Unit, which investigates possible fraud claims in order to bring justice and retribution for monies paid out on fraudulent claims.  The unit also, visits our agency force throughout the state to educate our agents on the red flags and trends.  

If you have information on possible insurance fraud, report it immediately.  Your information will be kept confidential and you may be entitled to a reward.  

To report fraud on a Florida Peninsula policy you may call 561-210-0382 or email us at reportfraud@floridapeninsula.com.

To report all other insurance fraud contact:

Division of Insurance Fraud

200 East Gaines St

Tallahassee, FL  32399

TEL: 850-413-3115

Hotline: 800-378-0445