Florida Peninsula takes insurance fraud extremely seriously, and with the help of our Special Investigation Unit (SIU), another insurance fraud arrest has been made.

In late 2014, a Florida Peninsula policyholder filed a claim for purported lightning damages to his home and air conditioning system. A Florida Peninsula adjuster inspected the loss and the policyholder was paid to replace the system per his contractor's estimate. After receiving the check, the policyholder sent Florida Peninsula an altered version of the estimate, claiming additional fees were owed in the excess of what had already been paid. The claim was then referred to Florida Peninsula's SIU team who initiated an investigation.

After a thorough investigation, the SIU team determined the altered document had been inflated by the policyholder and was fraudulent. Florida Peninsula denied the claim in its entirety for fraud, and reported the incident to the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS). DFS investigators continued the investigation and concluded Florida Peninsula's denial for fraud to be valid and the policyholder appeared to have committed the act of insurance fraud, a felony. Recently, the policyholder was arrested and charged with insurance fraud.


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