At Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, we are working hard to prevent fraudulent claims from affecting our customers’ rates. Recently, a man reported a theft to Florida Peninsula, claiming he was mugged after a trip to Walmart. The theft allegedly occurred in his driveway by two masked men. He told authorities he believed he was followed from the store to his home and held at gunpoint in his driveway. 

The man’s claim to Florida Peninsula was a loss of more than $72,000 in cash and expensive jewelry. A detective investigating the case grew suspicious when Walmart surveillance footage proved he was not wearing any jewelry when he left the store. After police reviewed a neighbor’s home surveillance camera, they determined he was not mugged. While interviewing the man an envelope from Florida Peninsula fell out of his pocket, which prompted the deputy to call Florida Peninsula and advised us of the fraudulent claim.

The man was arrested and charged with filing a false police report in commission of a crime.