The aftermath of a storm can be a harmful and stressful time for us all. Knowing what to do post-Hurricane Irma can drastically reduce your risk of harm, and accelerate the recovery process.

As we all begin the rebuilding process, Florida Peninsula offers the following safety tips and information:  

  • Avoid downed power lines, sharp objects, and dangerous debris. They are the most common culprits for injury.
  • Prior to clean up, take photos or videos of damages to expedite the claims process. Please notify Florida Peninsula of damage as soon as possible by calling 866-549-9672.
  • If safe to do so, make temporary repairs to your home to prevent further damage.
  • When beginning the cleanup process, practice caution, and wear protective clothing and eyewear.
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning poses a severe danger after the storm. Be sure portable generators are outside, and at least 20 feet away from doors and windows.
  • If you are without power, do not use candles, lighters, or matches. Open flames could ignite if there is a gas or propane leak. Use flashlights and battery-operated light sources instead.


Understand, the recovery process takes time. Being patient and staying positive during these hard times after the storm can make a difference. 

Our claims representatives stand ready to assist our policyholders with the recovery process from Hurricane Irma. To report your claim, please call 877-994-8368..