As the #icebucketchallenge spread through social media, Florida Peninsula employees were also called into the cause and willingly participated in raising awareness for this little-known disease.

Arguably, ALS is one of the most underfunded diseases in the US, yet, over 30,000 suffer from this debilitating disease each year.  ALS is the slow paralysis of the nervous system leading to death in most cases. Currently there is no cure. It was with pride, Martha Getsee and Mariella Gonzalez, from our Marketing Department and members of the Florida Peninsula Gives Back team, to ok the challenge and nominated several of our agency partners to do the same.

Our employees were also in on the action. They may not have gotten a bucket of ice-cold water poured on the m, but donations did come through. Almost $1,000.00 in employee donations were received for this great cause.