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How and When to Start Your Hurricane Preparations | Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

With over 1,350 miles of coastline, Florida is very vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes. Knowing how and when to prepare can help you and your family avoid undue stress and enjoy the paradise we reside in.

Repairs You Can Make to Reduce Your Homeowners Premiums | Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

By its location alone, the State of Florida is very vulnerable to Tropical Storms and Hurricanes, which explains why homeowners insurance premiums are some of the highest in the nation. Knowing which home improvements to make, can make your home an attractive risk to carriers and lead to reduced premiums.   

A Tale of Two Floods from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Just because there is water inside your home, does not mean the damage is covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Understanding the different scenarios and how your policy is activated when it comes to filing a claim will ensure you make the right decisions when purchasing the necessary coverage for your home.

Water 9-1-1 from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Your homeowners insurance policy may return your home to the original condition it was in prior to the loss, but wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the loss altogether? Identifying water leaks early can save you the headache of sustaining damage, filing a claim, and being subjected to unscrupulous contractors.  Installing a water detection device in your home can be the solution.

4 Tips for Choosing a Home Insurance Company | Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

One devastating event can turn your world upside down.  How to choose a homeowners insurance company can obtain the peace of mind you deserve.

New Year, New You, New Home from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Looking for the perfect home in the current real estate market can be intimidating. Knowing what to look for in your new home is important and can save you money on your monthly mortgage payments.

Peace on Earth Starts with Good Insurance from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Holiday headaches are part of the end of year fun. However, many of these headaches can be avoided or the stressors of these can be reduced by making good decisions regarding your homeowners insurance coverage.

Flood Coverage After a Hurricane from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Hurricanes bring with it, high speed winds and rain destroying property in its path. Flooding issues may also be brought on by hurricanes and yet are often overlooked.  Florida Peninsula Insurance explains why flood insurance is just as important as hurricane insurance.

Homeowners Insurance: Coverage F or Medical Payments to Others Coverage

Learn from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company how Coverage F works in the event you need to file a claim should someone be injured on your property.

Fire Safety Tips from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Florida Peninsula Insurance provides you with important safety tips to minimize your risk of experiencing a fire, and tips on what to do should a fire occur.

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