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Conduct a Home Check-Up to Avoid Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Last updated: February 1, 2020   Nobody expects their home to suffer damage, but unfortunately, accidents and the unexpected do happen. When these accidents occur, homeowners often file an insurance claim to cover the cost of repairing or replacing their damaged property. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute (iii) reports one in every 20 insured homes has a claim each year. Experiencing damage to your home can be costly and aggravating, and in some cases may not be covered under your home insurance policy. For example, should you experience a loss due to everyday wear and tear, there is a chance it will not be covered. Taking steps to make simple fixes to areas of your home may prevent major damage and disasters from occurring. Just like a check-up at your Doctor’s office, take some time to check-up on areas of your home and make simple fixes to significantly reduce the chances of a loss occurring. Here are a few areas to look at when conducting your home check-up:   Fi ...

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National Package Protection Day Tips

Although there are many benefits of online shopping and home delivery, it is important you take heed of some of these safety tips to keep your packages safe this holiday season.

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Celebrate Safely this New Year’s Eve

Whether you are hosting or attending a New Year’s party, we want you to celebrate safely. 

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National Pet Fire Safety Day

Safety tips for National Pet Fire Safety Day.

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Picnic Safety

 Here are a few tips to consider before you enjoy your next picnic.

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Water Damage Mitigation – Plumbing

Taking steps to avoid plumbing issues can be quite simple, consider a few of these tips.

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3 Tips for Protecting your Home Before Departing on Vacation

Summer has arrived, a time when many families take their summer vacations. Whether you are gone for a night or a month, it is important you take steps to protect your home while away. The summer months are some of the most common months for home burglaries. Taking a few steps to secure your home before departing can make all the difference. Consider these three tips:   Lock up: In the rush of getting out the door in time, many families forget to check every room and window to make sure all areas of their home are secured. Before you depart, take a few moments to set your home security systems and double check all the doors and windows are closed and locked.   Trust in a friend or neighbor:  Nothing says, “nobody’s home” more than mail piling up in your mailbox or by your front door. Have a trusted neighbor or friend nearby keep an eye on your home and collect your mail while you are away.  Should you be gone for an extended period of time, you may w ...

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5 Camping Safety Tips

Consider these tips before planning your family camping trip.

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Mother’s Day Brunch Recipe

If you are looking for something special to show Mom how much she is appreciated, start with a great breakfast. Ensure Mom and the rest of the family has a wonderful meal with this easy brunch casserole recipe.

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3 Safety Tips for National Water Safety Month

Water safety should be a top priority for your entire family. Please keep these tips in mind before you take a dip this summer:

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