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3 Tips for Protecting your Home Before Departing on Vacation

Summer has arrived, a time when many families take their summer vacations. Whether you are gone for a night or a month, it is important you take steps to protect your home while away. The summer months are some of the most common months for home burglaries. Taking a few steps to secure your home before departing can make all the difference. Consider these three tips:   Lock up: In the rush of getting out the door in time, many families forget to check every room and window to make sure all areas of their home are secured. Before you depart, take a few moments to set your home security systems and double check all the doors and windows are closed and locked.   Trust in a friend or neighbor:  Nothing says, “nobody’s home” more than mail piling up in your mailbox or by your front door. Have a trusted neighbor or friend nearby keep an eye on your home and collect your mail while you are away.  Should you be gone for an extended period of time, you may w ...

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5 Camping Safety Tips

Consider these tips before planning your family camping trip.

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5 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

With the summer months approaching, the temperatures and humidity tend to rise in Florida. It is important you and your family take precautions as the temperatures begin to climb this summer. Consider these tips to stay cool.

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May is National Water Safety Month

In honor of National Water Safety Month, Florida Peninsula would like to share a few water safety tips for you and your family.

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Beach Safety Tips for the Summer

Before heading out on your next beach day, here are 5 things to consider when making safety a top priority.

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10 Tips to Respect Wildlife

  When venturing outside of our daily lifestyles and into the wilderness for a camping trip or a weekend getaway, it is important to remember the pristine beauty and unadulterated landscape of the natural world is what makes it so attractive. When spending time off the beaten path and in the wilderness, we must leave no trace behind and respect the wildlife we encounter so others can enjoy the beauty of nature after us. Here are 10 tips that will help you respect wildlife:   1.       Travel and camp on established surfaces Using existing campsites, trails, and paths reduces the impact explorers have on the wilderness by eliminating new disruptions to the environment. If you are exploring a pristine area where existing campsites and trails are unavailable, disperse your activity over an area of land to prevent the creation new trails and campsites. 2.       Dispose of waste properly Do not leave behind any waste from your campsite, a ...

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Quick Camping Safety Tips

When warmer weather approaches, there’s nothing like spending time in the great outdoors. Camping it can be a lot of fun, but typically holds greater dangers than what you would experience in the city or suburbs, such as wildlife, altitude, weather, and more. Before you pack your sleeping bags and tents, here are some things you should consider: Stay up to date on vaccinations: Vaccinations protect people of all ages from certain diseases. It is very important to use bug spray to protect yourself from mosquito bites. There is currently no vaccine to prevent Zika virus, which is what some mosquitos carry. Remember to spray yourself a few times each day and follow the instructions on the back of the product to avoid being bitten. Check the weather: Before you leave for your camping trip, check the weather forecast. Pack alternative clothing in case mother nature decides to provide you with a shower. Warm blankets, sweaters, rain jackets and rain boots are great options for unexpected weather. Gear up ...

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Jet Lag Prevention Tips

Don't be the cranky traveler, combat jet lag with these tips.

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A Change in Florida's Child Safety Restraint Laws

New child safety law in effect as of January 1st.

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Protect Your Home While on Vacation

You can enjoy your vacation and keep your property safe.

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