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When it comes to the health of your home, prevention is key. Proper home maintenance can help you avoid unnecessary damage to your property and unnecessary claims on your insurance. Our home maintenance articles include tips and resources for keeping your home up-to-date, along with details you should know about coverage related to damage, maintenance and repair of your property.

Loving Your Florida Home for Valentine’s Day

Love your Florida Home? Here are a few ways to easily spruce up your home’s look and feel.

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Protecting Your Home Against Winter Weather

Tips to keep your home safe against winter hazards

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The Importance of Home Maintenance

Read on to learn why home maintenance is important and how it can assist in preventing insurance claims.

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Repairs You Can Make to Reduce Your Homeowners Premiums | Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

By its location alone, the State of Florida is very vulnerable to Tropical Storms and Hurricanes, which explains why homeowners insurance premiums are some of the highest in the nation. Knowing which home improvements to make, can make your home an attractive risk to carriers and lead to reduced premiums.   

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Water 9-1-1 from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Your homeowners insurance policy may return your home to the original condition it was in prior to the loss, but wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the loss altogether? Identifying water leaks early can save you the headache of sustaining damage, filing a claim, and being subjected to unscrupulous contractors.  Installing a water detection device in your home can be the solution.

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Our Top 6 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2020

The task of cleaning your entire home can be daunting. Here are our top 6 spring cleaning tips for 2020 to get you started.

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Conduct a Home Check-Up to Avoid Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Take some time to check-up on areas of your home and make simple fixes to significantly reduce the chances of a loss occurring.

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Water Damage Mitigation – Plumbing

Taking steps to avoid plumbing issues can be quite simple, consider a few of these tips.

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Tips to Take the Stress out of Painting

Consider some of these tips to make your painting experience fun and exciting.

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Saving Money: Updates & Repairs

Sometimes things which seem fine to the homeowner may be considered potential hazards to insurance companies. We are providing some items to consider. 

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