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The Florida Peninsula Insurance blog includes personal safety tips and home safety articles that can help you lead a safer life and prevent damage to your home. Many risks to your personal safety and home exist, but many may be avoided if you’re armed with the right knowledge. We provide a variety of safety tips and resources about how to protect yourself, your family and your home, as well as important information you should know about personal property coverage and factors that could impact your home insurance.

Pool Safety Tips for Florida Summers

Florida summertime means it’s time to enjoy nice weather, pool parties, and relaxation. Whether you’re attending or organizing your own pool party, it’s important to understand pool safety. Keep in mind these safety tips before kicking off your Florida summer.

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Annual Home Safety Audit Guide

Conducting an annual home safety audit ensures the safety of your home and all of those in it. Here is a guide on what to look for when doing your routine checks.

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Avoiding Fraud and Protecting Your Identity

Follow these tips to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft.

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How To Help Avoid Roofing Insurance Fraud

We’ll explain what insurance fraud is and ways you can avoid it when repairing or updating your roof.

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Fire Safety Tips from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Florida Peninsula Insurance provides you with important safety tips to minimize your risk of experiencing a fire, and tips on what to do should a fire occur.

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Preparing for the Peak of Hurricane Season

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company provides useful tips for preparing for the peak of Hurricane Season.

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How to Identify and Report Insurance Fraud

Florida is one of the leading states in the country for fraud. As a homeowner, you can do your part to identify and report insurance fraud.  

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5 Pool Safety Tips for Homeowners from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

May is National Water Safety Month. Florida Peninsula Insurance Company provides 5 essential pool safety tips for homeowners to keep everyone safe while making memories in the pool.

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3 Holiday Safety Tips You Should Know

The holidays bring a wide variety of opportunities to make long-lasting memories with family and friends. From lighting candles to trimming the tree, here are some ways to keep your home and family safe from these common holiday hazards:

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National Package Protection Day Tips

Although there are many benefits of online shopping and home delivery, it is important you take heed of some of these safety tips to keep your packages safe this holiday season.

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