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Home Tips

Safety Tips for Outdoor Holiday Celebrations

Many families and friends experience different kinds of holiday celebrations, enjoying quality time with each other. If you find yourself hosting an outdoor holiday celebration this year, be sure to do it safely. Follow some of our tips below to help you prepare and practice safety this holiday season.

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First Time Homeowner Insurance Tips

First time homeowners can get easily overwhelmed when learning to deal with many new responsibilities. Before closing on your new home, it’s important to ensure your new asset is well protected with proper homeowner insurance. We want to help first time homeowners get the right coverage needed by providing a few tips to better understand homeowners insurance.

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How to Protect Your Home While Going on Vacation

Many families and friends plan fun vacations during the summer, leaving their homes for weeks while they enjoy long adventures abroad or a weekend away. However long you are away from your home, it’s important to prepare and take measures to protect your home. Read some of our tips on how you can protect your home while you go on vacation.

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Annual Home Safety Audit Guide

Conducting an annual home safety audit ensures the safety of your home and all of those in it. Here is a guide on what to look for when doing your routine checks.

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly for Earth Day

Homeowners who are trying to lower their energy output, selling or renovating their home, or looking to save money on monthly bills can benefit from some of the following ways of making your home eco-friendly.

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Florida Flood Risk Checklist

How to check your flood risk and evaluate how much flood insurance you need.

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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Find out how to keep your home safe and secure from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

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Loving Your Florida Home for Valentine’s Day

Love your Florida Home? Here are a few ways to easily spruce up your home’s look and feel.

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What to do with Unwanted Holiday Gifts

Finding yourself with unwanted gifts cluttering your home? Here’s tips on what to do with those unwanted gifts, and how to protect the high-value gifts you love.

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How To Help Avoid Roofing Insurance Fraud

We’ll explain what insurance fraud is and ways you can avoid it when repairing or updating your roof.

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