Learning about safety can be boring for little ones, but what if you can turn it into a game? One of the best ways to teach children about anything is through entertainment, and we’ve come across some creative ideas for fun safety games.


“I Spot, I STOP!”

Much like the “I Spy” game, this game points out the danger zones and lets little ones know you should stay away!

How to play: Take a tour around your home with your children and have him/her shout out “I spot, I Stop!” when there’s a potential danger. Keep a star chart and add a star every time your child spots danger and stays away. It doesn’t count if they touch the danger zone/object.

What to look for: Try looking for anything that can cause harm, such as a burning candle, the stove, and oven, any place where tools, chemicals, and medicine are stored, fireplace, electrical outlets, pool, etc.

Race to Safety!

This game will help you and your little ones practice an escape plan. It’s always suggested to have a plan in case of an emergency. Rehearsing your escape plan will avoid confusion and time in the event of an emergency and will most importantly override panic.

How to play: Take a few minutes to draw a diagram of your home and identify at least two exits from each room as well as a family meeting place away from the house. Have your children think of ways to get out of each room and make up different scenarios, such as “Imagine the door is locked, how would you get out?” or “Imagine the window is locked, what would you do?” Also include some funny scenarios, like “A giant elephant is outside your door! How would you get out?” After you map out almost every scenario, it’s time to put it to the test. Have some form of an alarm and explain that once you hear it go off… it’s time to escape and race to the designated meeting place. 


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