According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, accidents at home is the number one cause of death for young children. The truth is that your baby's safety becomes a challenge once your little one begins to move around the home. Be prepared by childproofing areas around your home before your baby begins to explore. Here are some safety tips to consider for making accidents preventable.

For your living areas, make sure to repair any loose tile or fraying carpet. Rugs can cause toddlers to slip so they are suggested to be placed securely. Drapery and blind cords are considered a strangulation hazard, be sure to tie them up and place them far from arms reach. Electrical cords can be tied together in order to prevent any tugging or pulling objects down. It is very common to use protective covers on all the outlets since babies have the tendency to poke at them.

Also be sure to test out your furniture. Toddlers often find themselves balancing on chairs or tables. Make sure to store all small items inside drawers or out of the baby's reach. 

For the kitchen area, be sure to keep cabinet doors and drawers closed. Installing locking mechanisms is a smart choice, especially if you store appliances in low cabinets. Another option for keeping toddlers out of the kitchen is using safety gates. These gates can be used anywhere around the house, it is recommended to always have one at the top and bottom of all staircases.

Many experts suggest that the safest way to ensure your child's safety is by seeing your home through the eyes of a child. Crawling around your living areas may revel other potential hazards.

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