The water in or out of your home can be very dangerous for not only young children, but also for adults. Although drowning is a major concern for families, burns have also proven to be extremely dangerous. The following are simple steps for preventing water related accidents.

- Never leave a child alone in the bathtub, pool, or spas. If possible, put a fence all the way around your pool or spa. The fence should be at least 5 ft. high and a self-closing and self-latching gate. 

- Pool drains are extremely dangerous. They can trap a child under water. Be sure to cover your drain with a safety guard and teach children and young adults to stay away from the drain.

- Grownups should be in charge during bath time. Do not leave young children in the tube alone with older children.

- Baby bath seats are not a safety device. Always pay close attention and never leave a baby unattended.

- Remember to drain the bathtub as soon as bath time is over.

- Use a thermometer to test the water coming out of your tap. It should not be hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

- Set your water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns.

- Empty all buckets when you are done using them. Store them upside down and where children cannot touch them.


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