Around this time of year, the holiday sales are at their prime while everyone is gearing up to buy presents, decorations, and other goods. Criminals count on the holidays to find easy targets for scams and theft. Here are a few things to look out for:
Keep an eye on your receipts and statements:  It’s a great reference to verify unknown charges on your accounts. Should something appear incorrect, contact your financial institution immediately.
Charity Scams: Do your research before donating to a charity, especially during the holiday season. If you’ve never heard of the organization, it is best to do a quick search online to be sure it is credible. This is often the time of year where we see a rise in charity scams.  If you’d like to give back this holiday season, contact the charity of your choice directly to find out how you can donate, or volunteer with their organization.
Protect Yourself Online:  When shopping online, try to shop at reputable stores you know. Some third-party sites may appear to offer great deals; however, they may be a scam. Always make sure you are using a secure site when entering your credit card information online, as this is an easy way for hackers to take your identity.

We hope you’ll keep these suggestions in mind to protect your personal information and finances during this busy time of year. Should you fall victim to identity theft, Florida Peninsula is here to help.  For a minimal annual cost of $25, we offer our policyholders protection against identity theft. Our ID theft protection will restore your credit to the level it was prior to the breach and will reimburse our policyholders up to $25,000 in out-of-pocket expenses used to reestablish your credit. To learn more about additional coverages we offer, click here.