If you have ever wanted to find ways to lower your home insurance premium or find additional discounts to your premium, consider adding additional security to your home. All insurance policies are different so be sure to speak to your agent about the cost-effectiveness of installing one of these devices in your home. However, consider the following to potentially save money and protect yourself and your belongings.


Smoke Alarm: Adding a device which can alert you of some potential dangers such as a fire or a dangerous gas, can keep you safe. This alarm will let you and all others in the house know when there is a risk and allow time for you and your family to evacuate safely.


Security System: Burglaries can happen anywhere and at any time. By installing a monitored security system, you can add to your peace of mind. A monitored security system allows for the alarm to go off for a longer period of time while officers arrive at your home. Installing this may not only keep your family and possessions safe but may reduce your insurance rates.


Video Doorbell: Smart home additions do not just make life easier but can also make life safer. This system may deter crime as it provides homeowners a live feed to alert them when unknown or unauthorized people are at their property.


As always, we want our insureds to feel safe and secure. By following these suggestions, you not only add to your peace of mind, but you may also save money on your premium. Be sure to speak to your agent to see what works best for your needs.