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From monthly archives: February 2015

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Cyber Security Insurance

Data breaches and cyber hacks have become far too common and show no signs of slowing down in 2015. When we hear about cyber hacks and data breaches they are usually attacks on large companies, but this does not mean small businesses and individuals cannot be targeted. Once a data breach occurs, your financial and personal information can be sold and distributed within a matter of days. Many do not even realize they can buy insurance in the case of a data breach of cyber hack. There are several companies who specialize in selling cyber security insurance to small businesses and individuals. We encourage all small businesses to research and acquire protection against data breaches and cyber hacks.  If you are an individual looking for protection, Florida Peninsula offers identity theft coverage at a low annual premium.    Florida Peninsula is one of Florida's top homeowners insurance companies. The company strives to combine the latest technology with old-fashioned fast, friendly customer service and clai ...

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Florida Peninsula SIU Investigator Leads Gang Prevention Information Session

Florida Peninsula employees continue to give back to their community.

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The Most Common Fire Hazards In Your Home

Prevent a fire by identifying the most common fire hazards in your home.

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Accessing the Millennial Consumer

With changing times, insurance companies and agencies are constantly developing plans to attract and retain consumers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials have become the most popular consumers with 1.6 trillion dollars in purchasing power. As the country's largest generation, at 76.6 million, millennials are growing at a rapid pace as consumers and employees. A survey by Applied Systems, "Why Millennials Matter", as seen in the article, "Reaching the Millennial Consumer", examines how millennials research and buy P&C insurance.  The survey concluded out of 1,000 millennial respondents, 55% had homeowners insurance, 42% had renters insurance, 89% had auto insurance, and 91% had some form of insurance coverage. The survey also found referrals is the most important way to sell homeowners insurance to millennials based on their friends and family's influence on their buying decisions.  At Florida Peninsula, our aim is to combine the latest technology with old-fashioned courtesy and customer serv ...

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PIP Fraud Arrests

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fraud is one of the most prevalent in the insurance industry. When insurance carriers, regardless of the type of insurance, take in large financial losses because of fraud, all their policyholders pay in the form of higher premiums. Florida's Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Atwater, announced nine arrests were made for PIP fraud in Miami. After seven staged accidents, these individuals filed more than $242,000 in fraudulent billings to eleven different insurance carriers. This case is still ongoing, and more arrests are expected to be made. Insurance fraud, regardless of the type, is inexcusable. If you suspect someone of committing insurance fraud, report it at the "REPORT FRAUD" page, under our "CONTACT US" tab on our website.    Florida Peninsula Insurance Company's top priority is the safety of our customers, policyholders, and the citizens we service. Visit our website at to find out more information on how we can provide you with peace of mind ...

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Florida Peninsula Employees Support Habitat for Humanity

Florida Peninsula volunteers and sponsors Habitat for Humanity Build Days

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Happy Presidents Day!

We wish you a Happy Presidents Day! Today we honor and celebrate the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We thank these leaders for making our country what it is today. We hope you enjoy your Presidents Day. 


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Florida Peninsula Employees and Agents Participate in Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Florida Peninsula Walks for Susan G. Komen

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Fire Safety, Are You Prepared?

Are you prepared for a fire in your home?

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Is "Password" your Password?

Is your password easy to crack?

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