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From monthly archives: October 2016

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Why You Should Have Pet Insurance

Many of us see our pets as members of our household. We let them live in our homes, sleep in our beds, and when we eat, they eat. It has even become popular to celebrate their birthdays or home-coming anniversaries and will include them in important events such as weddings and family parties. If we are willing to treat our pets as people, why shouldn't they have insurance like we do? There are a number of reasons why your pet should have insurance:    Peace of mind: If anything were to happen to your pet, such as an injury or illness, you won't worry about the vet bill since most pet insurance policies will reimburse more than 80% of the costs. Pet owners without insurance sometimes have to make the hardest decision between paying for medical treatment (which can be thousands of dollars) or putting their pets down.  Rising Veterinary Costs: If you are a pet owner, you probably noticed the costs of veterinary care getting higher and higher. A simple office visit (before the pres ...

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‘Spook’tacular Safety Tips for Kids

Because Halloween is meant to be the scariest holiday of the year, we should also ensure it's one of the safest. This day is dedicated to tricks, treats, costumes and parties. Having a fun and safe holiday will only create the best memories for years to come. Here are some tips you'll need in order to make safety the first priority when it comes to you and your children: Smart Costumes Costumes should be bright in color reflective in some way. This minimizes the possibility of your little one getting hit by a car, bumped into, or even getting lost in the crowd. It even maximizes the possibility of your child being found, if lost, by being able to give an officer or neighbor a recognizable description of their costume. Saying "he/she is wearing all black and a mask" is very common on this day and could make it nearly impossible to find your child.  Make sure any props such as a sword, cane or knife are not sharp or too long to avoid injury if your child were to trip or fall.  Lecture, Lecture, Th ...

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Do My Roommates Need Renter’s Insurance Too?

Having roommates has become increasingly popular over the years. Of course, roommates come with financial benefits. They save us from still having to live with our parents in our mid-20s and lighten the burden when it comes to furnishing, decorating, and stocking up on supplies. Since you are splitting the entire cost of the house or apartment, you may be wondering, do you split the entire renter's insurance policy as well? The answer isn't so simple. It can depend on your situation. Here's how to decide if you should share, or have a separate policy.  Separate Policies: Some insurance companies will recommend each roommate take their own renter's insurance policy since it is the least complicated option. Each roommate would be responsible for making an inventory of their own personal property. Having a separate policy would also ensure each roommate has liability coverage for protection if someone gets injured in the home or apartment.  Shared Policies: Other companies will allow roommates to sha ...

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Florida Peninsula's Charity of the Month: Forgotten Soldiers Outreach

Florida Peninsula's Charity of the month is the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, a non-profit organization which ships donated care packages and letters of encouragement to our deployed soldiers in the United States military. Emotionally, things can become very difficult due to being away from family and friends. These care packages and letters are used to spread cheer and let them know they are not forgotten.  This organization was founded in October 2003 by Lynelle Zelnar. She started by gathering boxes to send to three soldiers whose names she obtained from a local family. She then contacted friends in attempt to gather more supplies and it has since flourished and become a nationally recognized organization.  There are many different ways you can help, including: Monetary Donations Sponsoring a care package Volunteering your time Writing letters  Donate items for care packages Packing boxes For more information on how you can assist this organization and h ...

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Fire Prevention Week

October 9th-15th is the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) "National Fire Prevention Week".

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10 Things You Can Get Your Boss on Boss’ Day

  Looking for ways to thank your boss on Boss' Day this year? This is a day dedicated to all employers, meant to improve the relationship between employers and their staff. No, it isn't a day for all employees to try to get their boss good graces. It is simply a day for appreciation and recognition. Here is a list of 10 things you can get your boss on Boss' Day:  1. A card: Writing is the best form of expression. Sometimes we just can't find the words during a conversation, but after some thought, you'll get it right.  2. Flowers: Depending on your boss' personality, they might appreciate this kind gesture. 3. Gift Certificate: If you know of their favorite store or coffee shop, it may be the best place to go. Maybe you've overheard him/her talking about wanting to buy something specific. This can also be a way to show you listen or took the time to get to know them. 4. Coffee: It doesn't have to be a mocha latte from Starbucks. Even if you use the office kitchen to make your boss a cup ...

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Beware of Fraud Post-Hurricane Matthew

Florida Peninsula urges our policyholders who have experienced damage from Hurricane Matthew to call us first to protect themselves from fraud.

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