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From monthly archives: June 2016

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Secure Your Home for Hurricane Season Before Going on Vacation

The arrival of summer means time for family vacations and weekend getaways to relax and enjoy those we love. For Floridians, it also means the beginning of hurricane season. As you make travel plans this summer, take the time to ensure your home and belongings are protected while you are away. Taking a few preventative measures prior to your departure will result in a more enjoyable, worry-free vacation, should your home be in close proximity to the path of a hurricane or tropical storm while you are away.  Have fun and relax knowing your home is secure and protected by taking the following steps:  Ensure your insurance coverage is up to date and you are properly insured.  Reinforce your home's exterior structure by securing all windows and doors with hurricane shutters. Be sure trees and shrubs are trimmed to minimize damage from broken branches. Secure or store away lawn furniture, BBQ grills, potted plants, and other loose items.  Unplug all ...

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Protect Your Home from Water Loss

As all of us Floridians know, Summer is quickly approaching and will bring along the heavy rains, winds, and storms which threaten our homes if not properly insured and protected. Although, these are all red flags in the minds of many homeowners, it is also important to know there are far more threats of water loss inside your home than outside. Water damages is the leading cause of claims, and over 37% of homeowners in the United States have suffered losses, according to In addition to tropical systems which are common during summer time, there are far more common causes of water loss claims such as general pipe leaks, frozen pipes, pipe bursts due to gas buildup, and leaking appliances, to name a few. DId you know the average home loses 14% of its water to leaks? Many policyholders in recent years have experienced very costly and troublesome damages to their home due to water losses. water loss claims are becoming increasingly more common as they are up 46% in the last five years as ...

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Water Detection Sensor: Save Water, Save Money!

Water detection sensors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners because they can detect leaks from pipes, sinks, tubs, and appliances. Once the sensor detects water, it sends a wireless signal to the receiver which connects to the main water valve, and shuts off the entire supply of water to the house. The detector allows you to mitigate a small water leak and prevent your house from becoming flooded and having thousands of dollars of damage. Water detection sensors are a great investment for the following reasons:  They provide 24/7 protection against leaks They may offer potential insurance savings in the form of discounts or credits Help conserve water and save money on your water bill Offers peace of mind to the homeowner and completely eliminates risk of flooding Save money from the potential disaster of flooding which can cost several thousand dollars  Water detection sensors are sold by many brands such as Water Cop, FloodMaster, WaterBug, and the Wa ...

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Hurricane Shutter Installation Safety

With the start of hurricane season, it's time to ensure your home is protected when disaster strikes. Homeowner's must be able to gather supplies, create evacuation plans, and collect valuables on very short notice. In addition, they must be able to install hurricane shutters in order to protect their windows and the interior of their home. This can often be a labor-intensive and dangerous task, if not done properly. Here are some tips to make sure your shutter installation is as seamless and safe as possible: Always wear protective gloves when installing shutters to avoid being cut by sharp edges When using a ladder, have a second person stabilize the bottom of the ladder Heed warning posted on the ladder (i.e. maximum weight limits, not standing on the top rung) Never install shutters during inclement weather, as this increases risk of injury Make sure screws and bolts are not stripped or damaged Use exta caution when operating drills and power tools Label your shutter ...

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NOAA Releases their 2016 Hurricane Season Forecast

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting a near-normal 2016 hurricane season, which runs from June 1st to November 30th.

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Floridians, It’s Time to Get #HurricaneStrong

  The Atlantic hurricane season begins today, June 1st. Florida has been incredibly lucky in the past ten years, as fewer storms and no major hurricanes have made landfall. This calm has allowed Floridians to become complacent with hurricane readiness and storm preparation plans. However, a single storm can have devastating consequences and cause major disruptions, as was the case of hurricane Wilma in 2005, which resulted in $29.3 billion in damage and the single largest power outage in Florida's history when it made landfall, catching residents off-guard and unprepared. Over 97% of affected residents lost electricity and were forced to stand in long lines to obtain basic needs - including water and ice. Our streak of good luck is sure to run out, and when it does, we must be ready to face any weather-related hazards. Weather service and government agencies are attempting to promote hurricane preparedness and safety awareness via the social media campaign #HurricaneStrong, a new public outreach campaign ...

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