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From monthly archives: April 2017

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The Importance of Flood Insurance

April showers bring May flowers, and floods. According to FEMA, no other type of natural disaster in the United States produces more destruction and devastation than flooding. It can only take one heavy rainstorm to cause significant flooding and damage. Floods result in billions of dollars in damages each year, which it is why it is imperative to be prepared and protected.  Every home is at risk for flooding, and surprisingly, only a small percentage of homes are covered by flood insurance. Did you know, flood coverage is not typically covered by a standard homeowners, condo, or renters policy? Home insurance policies may protect you against water damage, such as a pipe leak or hole in your roof, but will not cover flood-inducing factors such as torrential rainfall or storm surge. Flood water can find its way into your flooring, walls, appliances, electrical system and furniture. It can only take an inch of flood water to cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home.  Stay above water by ...

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National Volunteer Week- Florida Peninsula Gives Back

  April 10th through the 16th is National Volunteer Week, and at Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, we are passionately dedicated to giving back to the community. Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, along with our "Florida Peninsula Gives Back" team and agency partners, generously donate their time to participate in various charitable endeavors throughout the state. During the past twelve years, we have had the privilege of serving our community by volunteering at organizations such as: the Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Flags for Fallen Vets, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Humane Society of Broward County, and Habitat for Humanity, just to name a few.  Be sure to visit our Facebook page throughout the week, as we highlight some of our favorite causes in celebration of National Volunteer Week. To learn more about Florida Peninsula Insurance Company and all our community endeavors, click here.    Thank you for visiting our blog. Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is one of Fl ...

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April 22nd is Earth Day

On April 22, 2017, we celebrate climate and environmental literacy. The importance of Earth Day is to help us realize the importance of the Earth we live on and educate others on ways they can help.  Florida Peninsula joined the fight against pollution, toxic dumping, and other mindless acts which negatively impact our fragile environment. Apart from encouraging our employees to recycle their empty cans and bottles daily, we also hosted our Annual Beach Clean Up on Saturday, April 8th. For more information on how you display an “Act of Green”, visit the official Earth Day website. To date, they have reached over 2 million Acts of Green and their goal is to reach 3 billion. There are many ways you can help, including planting or donating a tree, educating yourself about disposable plastic, and much more. We hope you will join the fight with us this year.   Thank you for visiting our blog. Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is one of Florida's top ho ...

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Understanding Flood Insurance

    One of the best ways to learn is to follow by example. The photo below is a home affected by a disastrous flood. As you can see, a majority of the home is destroyed, and will require major repair in order for the homeowners to live here again. Now, imagine if this was your home, and you found out none of this damage was going to be covered by insurance. First-time homeowners usually assume homeowners insurance covers everything. Here are some common questions people would ask when found in this situation:     “I have homeowners insurance. The flood happened in my home, so why isn’t it covered?” A typical homeowners insurance policy does not include flood coverage. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, this fact gained publicity when thousands of homeowners submitted claims to their insurance providers and learned the damage would not be covered because it had been caused by a flood. The debate back then was, the damage was caused by wind and not ...

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Always Have a Plan: Flood Emergency Preparedness

    Emergencies can strike at any given moment, which is why they’re called emergencies. By having a solid plan, you can ensure the safety of yourself and your entire family, no matter what comes your way. Here are some questions to ask yourself: Do I have an exit strategy? Preparedness begins with the entire family. Set aside some time to sit down and have a conversation to make sure everyone is on the same page. In the event of a flood, how will everyone get out both quickly and safely? Be sure everyone in the household knows to avoid any water six inches or deeper since this amount is enough to knock a small child over or sweep an adult off his/her feet. Do I have an emergency contact? Give someone you can trust access to personal information, such as a list of medications for the family, insurance policy numbers, phone numbers, documents, etc. This could be a close friend or family member. You should also designate someone to watch over your children or pets in the event ...

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“A Dry Home is a Happy Home” - Ways to Protect Your Home from Flooding

  Flooding can affect your home and belongings any day, anytime and anywhere. According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), no state or territory is safe from floods. Being the most common and expensive natural disaster in the United States, it is important to take proper measures to protect your home from flooding.   First things first; know the flood levels in your home. This is the official measure of how high floodwaters could rise where you live. By doing some research and checking FEMA’s website for the flood maps, you will be able to locate this information.   Safeguard in-home electrical and climate systems. According to IBHS (Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety),  by raising switches, circuit breakers, sockets, etc. at least one foot above the expected flood level in your area, you could save a lot of money and time on repairs if you were to experience a flood.   Once waters rise, stay above. Take proper measure ...

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April 9-15 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week

    This year (2017), there will be an estimated 89 million dogs in the United States. In 2016, there were 31 dog bite-related fatalities (13 victims were children under 9 years old and 18 were adults over 30 years of age). Each year, approximately 4.5 million people are affected by dog bites. To help reduce the number of injuries due to dog bites, both adults and children should be educated about dog bite prevention. Owners should also be aware and practice responsible ownership. Why do dogs bite? Dogs can bite for a variety of reasons. If they feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, threatened, over-energized, startled etc., they can (or will) bite. Dogs may also accidentally bite during play, so it is important to avoid overly aggressive games with them such as tug-o-war or wrestling, especially with children.   How can I tell if my dog (or someone else’s) is about to bite? Understanding dog body language is key to avoid being bitten. You should look out for certain signs (t ...

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