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From monthly archives: August 2018

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Little Known Facts About Labor Day

    Today, September 3rd, 2018 we celebrate Labor Day.  While you are relaxing on your day off, grilling, swimming, playing, and enjoying time with your friends and family, here a few facts about Labor Day you may not have known.   Did you know the origins of Labor Day are not American?  True.  Although Labor Day is often considered an American holiday, Canada honored its laborers in 1872 when they showed support for their striking workforce in a nine-hour event in the city of Toronto.  The first Labor Day was celebrated in the United States in New York City, on September 5, 1882; ten years later.   Do you know who is credited for starting the Labor Day movement in the United States?  It is quite possible, nobody knows.  There is great disagreement as to who may have started the movement.  While many believe, Peter J. McGuire, co-founder of the American Federation of Labor, began this labor movement through his union, others credit Matthew Maguire ...

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Protect Your Dollar on National Dollar Day

August 8th is National Dollar Day. This holiday commemorates the day the U.S monetary systems was established by Congress in 1786. You have worked hard for your dollars, and as such, it is important you protect it.  Did you know, two million home burglaries are reported each year? Many of these burglaries result in cash being stolen. In honor of National Dollar Day, here are some tips to prevent your cash from being stolen or damaged: Tips to Prevent Your Cash from Being Stolen or Damaged: Put cash in small quantities in different locations in your home Hide your cash in unique objects like hollowed-out books, house plants, and in boxes in the garage labeled “Ornaments” or “School Projects”. Avoid putting your cash in a liquid container, like a mayonnaise jar. Never put your cash in a locked box.   Homeowner’s insurance may cover damages to personal property like clothes, furniture, and additional living expenses should you ne ...

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National Identity Fraud Awareness Week

August 7th to 13th is National Identity Fraud Awareness Week. According to the iii, there were 16.7 million victims of identity fraud, resulting in $16.8 billion stolen in 2017. Identity theft continues to be on the rise and it is important you take precautions to lower your risk of falling victim. Consider these 5 tips for identity theft prevention: Secure your Social Security number. Shred receipts, credit offers, account statements and expired credit cards. Install firewalls and virus-detection software on your computer. Create complex passwords for all your personal accounts. Review your credit report annually to make sure it does not include accounts you are unaware of.   Should you fall victim to identity theft, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company stands ready to assist you. We offer our policyholders with protection against identity theft for a minimal annual cost of $25. This ID theft protection will restore your credit to the level it was p ...

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Ways to Have Fun This Family Fun Month

The month of August is “Family Fun Month”. Before life becomes hectic with back to school purchase and school projects, take some time to enjoy your family. Plan great activities designed to bring all members of your family together and create memories for a lifetime. Here are 10 activities you can do with your family during Family Fun Month: Go to the movies Ride your bikes Go to the beach Go to the park Play a sport Go to a concert or professional sporting event Have a family game night Go to the pool Bake some cookies or a cake Have a family barbecue  Capture photos of your family fun this August and enter to win a special picnic basket prize from Florida Peninsula. Throughout August month, post pictures of how you and your family are celebrating Family Fun Month on social media and use the hashtag #FPIFamilyFunMonth to enter to win a picnic basket. Our winner will be announced on August 31st. Enjoy spending time with your ...

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Renter’s Insurance for Your College Student Living Off-Campus

When preparing your children for college, you may be contemplating what classes they will be taking more than thinking about insurance. If you are leasing an off-campus apartment for your college student, it is important you protect their possessions. In college, many students bring very expensive belongings with them such as their electronics, furniture, clothing and other valuables. You may think your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover a college student’s belongings who live off-campus. However, homeowner’s insurance policies usually do not cover belongings, which is why it is essential to purchase a renter’s insurance policy.   Renter’s Insurance usually includes:   1.    Personal Belongings Coverage: Coverage for student’s belongings if they are stolen or damaged. 2.    Liability Coverage: If the student is found legally responsible for someone else’s injuries or accidental damage to their property includin ...

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