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From monthly archives: November 2022

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International Fraud Awareness Week: Know the Facts

Practically every year, fraud against businesses and individuals increases.  Companies lose at least 5% of their revenue annually to fraud.  This fraud is paid back by consumers on every transaction – including your insurance premium. Learn about insurance fraud with us. 

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Fraud Prevention Tips for International Fraud Awareness Week

Fraud is at an all-time high after the pandemic. Newly released Federal Trade Commission data shows that consumers reported losing more than $5.8 billion to fraud in 2021, an increase of more than 70 percent over the previous year. The FTC received fraud reports from more than 2.8 million consumers last year, with the most reported category being imposter scams, followed by online shopping scams. Florida alone had the second-highest number of fraud victims at 53,793, a 98% increase from 2019. There are many types of fraud to watch out for, and during International Fraud Awareness Week it’s important to be aware of some of the most common scams and how to report them.

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Safety Tips for Outdoor Holiday Celebrations

Many families and friends experience different kinds of holiday celebrations, enjoying quality time with each other. If you find yourself hosting an outdoor holiday celebration this year, be sure to do it safely. Follow some of our tips below to help you prepare and practice safety this holiday season.

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