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10 Tips to Respect Wildlife

  When venturing outside of our daily lifestyles and into the wilderness for a camping trip or a weekend getaway, it is important to remember the pristine beauty and unadulterated landscape of the natural world is what makes it so attractive. When spending time off the beaten path and in the wilderness, we must leave no trace behind and respect the wildlife we encounter so others can enjoy the beauty of nature after us. Here are 10 tips that will help you respect wildlife:   1.       Travel and camp on established surfaces Using existing campsites, trails, and paths reduces the impact explorers have on the wilderness by eliminating new disruptions to the environment. If you are exploring a pristine area where existing campsites and trails are unavailable, disperse your activity over an area of land to prevent the creation new trails and campsites. 2.       Dispose of waste properly Do not leave behind any waste from your campsite, a ...

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Wildlife Safety Precautions

Before venturing out into the wild to spend some time off the grid, whether it be for a hike through the woods or a family camping outing, you must prepare yourself for the unpredictable nature of the outdoors. Weather conditions can change without notice or you may have an up-close encounter with a wild animal. Whatever the situation may be, it is important you take certain safety precautions to prepare for your adventure in the wild. Below are some safety tips to keep you and your company safe in any situation: Prepare for the elements When spending time outdoors, weather conditions can change within minutes, leaving you at the mercy of Mother Nature. It is always smart to bring a waterproof rain jacket to protect against potential storms. In addition, pack clothing that can be worn in layers to keep you comfortable for the warmer weather during the day, as well as the cooler weather at night. Spending time outdoors inherently puts you at the risk of sunburn, so be sure to pack at least SPF 30 s ...

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