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Make the Most of National Preparedness Month

Recognized each September, National Preparedness Month serves to remind us to prepare ourselves and our families for disasters. As Floridians, we know the threat of a natural disaster or storm is always a possibility. Would you and your family know what to do in the event of a disaster? Consider these tips and make the most out of National Preparedness Month:  Establish and test emergency plans with your family. Sign up for local and state emergency alerts.  Install or test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Stock up on emergency supplies.  Create a home inventory. Click here for some tips to inventory your belongings.  Review your insurance policy and contact your agent to make any necessary changes to your coverages.  Don’t forget about flood insurance. Hurricanes and storms bring heavy rains which could cause flooding. Purchase flood insurance to make sure you are covered.   Septemb ...

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Hurricane Irma Damage Statistics

It has been one year since Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic Hurricanes on record, hit the State of Florida as a category 4 storm. Hurricane Irma left quite a mark on Florida, resulting in billions of dollars in damage and devastation.  Here are some startling facts and statistics about the destruction Hurricane Irma caused:  According to the balance, Hurricane Irma is the fifth most costly Atlantic storm ever recorded, reaching over $50 billion in damages.  As of June 12, 2018, The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR) found there were nearly a million claims filed for damages caused by Hurricane Irma. With estimated insured losses reaching over $9.7 billion. Of those claims filed, the FLOIR found 823,733 came from residential property holders. Homeowners claims resulted in 66% of all the claims filed within the state.  Approximately 90.5% of Irma claims have been closed, with an additional 92,513 claims still open as ...

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Revisiting AOB Fraud Ahead of the 2018 Hurricane Season

After the chaos of a natural disaster like a hurricane or tropical storm, it is common for unscrupulous individuals to create fraudulent schemes to pray on those experiencing a loss. As such, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company would like to provide some important information about AOB abuse well before the 2018 Hurricane Season is in full effect.   What is an AOB and AOB Fraud? An AOB (Assignment of Benefits) is a contract between you and a third party such as a contractor, roofer, or water mitigation company. When you sign an AOB, you are giving the third-party vendor the right to deal directly with your homeowners insurance carrier and receive payment for your claim. AOB fraud occurs when contractors inflate the cost of repairs, charge a fee for handling the claim, and commit insurance fraud. At times, these repairs are not completed and the homeowner must pay out of pocket to finish their repairs, as the contractor already received a claim settlement from the insurance company.   W ...

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Preparing Children for The Hurricane Experience

As adults, we may have become used to the hurricane experience. When we hear of a hurricane threat, we are most concerned about personal, physical and property security. What is often overlooked, is the psychological trauma it may cause our children.   To a child, hearing word of an incoming storm can be a scary thing and even bring on a sense of panic, especially to those who are afraid of thunder and lightning. It is important to provide support to your children through educational methods, so they can understand what’s really going on, instead of imagining the worst.   Here are some quick tips to prepare your children for the next hurricane:   Talk to them: Just one conversation could change your child’s view of a hurricane. Your children’s reactions are a mirror of yours. By staying calm during the conversation, and especially during a storm, your kids will not have a reason to fear.   Make them comfortable: During a storm, it is important to surround your ...

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Hurricane Season 2014

Be prepared this hurricane season

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Isaac threatens the State of Florida

Isaac threatens the State of Florida

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Tropical Depression 5 Turns into Tropical Strom Ernesto

Tropical Storm Ernesto

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Thunderstorm Phobia for Pets

During summer thunderstorms, busy families might forget a very important member of the group - pets. Some dogs may experience thunderstorm phobia and it's important to look after them.

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Hurricane Season Ends November 30

With November coming to an end, so is the 2011 Hurricane Season. During this particular season, seven hurricanes formed with three considered major (Category 3 or higher). Luckily, in Florida, residents did not see a lot of hurricane activity or damage. However, it’s never too early to look ahead at the 2012 Hurricane Season. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your hurricane safety plans and make sure the family is prepared for June, when hurricane season begins. Here are some quick tips on what to do during this offseason: • Make sure you have hurricane shutters. Now is the perfect time to get your home fitted for shutters. • Make sure everyone in the family knows the emergency plan should a hurricane threaten your home. • While you don’t need to have a stockpile of food ready for 2012, you should have a checklist of medical information and other important documents prepared. • Now is also a great time to assess your homeowners’ insurance policy and clarify with an agent if you have any questions or ...

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Young Storm Troopers

Tips for helping your children prepare for a storm

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