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Homeowner Responsibilities

Do you know your responsibilities as a homeowner?

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What is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

    Synthetic Identity Theft is a type of fraud in which a criminal combines real and fake information to create an entirely new identity. This identity is then used to open fraudulent accounts to make fraudulent purchases. This makes it easier for criminals to steal money from credit card companies and lenders who extend credit based on the fake identity. This way, they are not stealing from actual people making it a lot harder to get caught.   Banks are usually the victims of synthetic ID fraud since most of the information these criminals provide is legitimate, such as a real name (but a stolen social security number). After all the purchases are made and they use up all of the credit, it’s the credit card companies who pay the price, since they cannot collect payment from the fake identity who established the account. This is a very tricky situation to handle.   Synthetic identity fraud has become one of the most common types of fraud, yet the most difficult to catch, and ...

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Preparing Children for The Hurricane Experience

As adults, we may have become used to the hurricane experience. When we hear of a hurricane threat, we are most concerned about personal, physical and property security. What is often overlooked, is the psychological trauma it may cause our children.   To a child, hearing word of an incoming storm can be a scary thing and even bring on a sense of panic, especially to those who are afraid of thunder and lightning. It is important to provide support to your children through educational methods, so they can understand what’s really going on, instead of imagining the worst.   Here are some quick tips to prepare your children for the next hurricane:   Talk to them: Just one conversation could change your child’s view of a hurricane. Your children’s reactions are a mirror of yours. By staying calm during the conversation, and especially during a storm, your kids will not have a reason to fear.   Make them comfortable: During a storm, it is important to surround your ...

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Florida Peninsula Insurance Company’s diligence leads to another insurance fraud arrest:

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company’s diligence leads to another insurance fraud arrest

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Family Dollar Stores Recalls Decorative Light Sets Due To Fire and Electrical Shock Hazard

Family Dollar Stores Recalls Decorative Light Sets Due To Fire and Electrical Shock Hazard

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Homeowners Claims Satisfaction Up Despite High Number of Events

According to a survey conducted by Property Casualty 360, customer satisfaction is up from the previous year.

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Hurricane Prep 101

Get ready for the 2012 hurricane season by following these helpful tips.

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company provides tips for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Department of Insurance investigates fraud allegations

Florida Peninsula cooperates with the state in Fraud investigation--leds to arrest.

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Are you prepared for weather in Florida?

Proper documentation of your possessions could save you and your family a lot of money if a disaster should strike.

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