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Safety Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is known to be one of the spookiest days of the year. However, Halloween may turn scary when safety precautions are overlooked. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, three in four parents express concerns about their children’s safety on Halloween. To make Halloween a Spooktacular time for all, consider these safety tips: Walking Parents and/or responsible adults should always supervise their children while trick-or-treating. Look both ways before crossing the street as drivers may have a difficult time seeing you. Put electronics away to avoid distractions. Always walk on sidewalks or paths.  Costumes Adhere reflective tape or stickers on bags and costumes to be seen by drivers. Do not let your child wear a mask while walking, as some masks may obstruct their vision. When picking a costume, be sure it is the right size and length to avoid trips and falls. Choose fire-retardant costumes and accessories.    Driving ...

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Scare Safely

As you begin your preparations for this year’s Halloween festivities, we want to make sure those cool costumes of your favorite superhero, monster, or cartoon character will keep you safe while enjoying the day. Whether you plan to dress up like Superman, Elmo, or a scary Vampire, keep the following safety tips in mind when trying on your costume: Choose fire-retardant costumes:  Check the labels of your costumes, as well as all your accessories to ensure they are fire resistant. This should include any wigs, shoe covers, and accessories which may compliment your look. Use Make up instead of Masks:  Using a mask may impair your vision and may cause you to dehydrate, as the heat builds up during your “trick or treating” around the neighborhood.  Instead, consider choosing hypoallergenic makeup commonly used for face painting as an alternative. Size matters:  When trying on your costume, ensure you have selected the proper fit.  Any dangling or loose fitting item ...

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‘Spook’tacular Safety Tips for Kids

Because Halloween is meant to be the scariest holiday of the year, we should also ensure it's one of the safest. This day is dedicated to tricks, treats, costumes and parties. Having a fun and safe holiday will only create the best memories for years to come. Here are some tips you'll need in order to make safety the first priority when it comes to you and your children: Smart Costumes Costumes should be bright in color reflective in some way. This minimizes the possibility of your little one getting hit by a car, bumped into, or even getting lost in the crowd. It even maximizes the possibility of your child being found, if lost, by being able to give an officer or neighbor a recognizable description of their costume. Saying "he/she is wearing all black and a mask" is very common on this day and could make it nearly impossible to find your child.  Make sure any props such as a sword, cane or knife are not sharp or too long to avoid injury if your child were to trip or fall.  Lecture, Lecture, Th ...

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Halloween Safety Tips from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Keeping you, your family and home protected is our number one priority at Florida Peninsula Insurance Company. To ensure a fun and safe Halloween night, please consider these safety tips.

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Halloween Costume Safety

Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat safety for your family this season.

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