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Preparing Children for The Hurricane Experience

As adults, we may have become used to the hurricane experience. When we hear of a hurricane threat, we are most concerned about personal, physical and property security. What is often overlooked, is the psychological trauma it may cause our children.   To a child, hearing word of an incoming storm can be a scary thing and even bring on a sense of panic, especially to those who are afraid of thunder and lightning. It is important to provide support to your children through educational methods, so they can understand what’s really going on, instead of imagining the worst.   Here are some quick tips to prepare your children for the next hurricane:   Talk to them: Just one conversation could change your child’s view of a hurricane. Your children’s reactions are a mirror of yours. By staying calm during the conversation, and especially during a storm, your kids will not have a reason to fear.   Make them comfortable: During a storm, it is important to surround your ...

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Thunderstorm Phobia for Pets

During summer thunderstorms, busy families might forget a very important member of the group - pets. Some dogs may experience thunderstorm phobia and it's important to look after them.

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The Florida State Emergency Response Team Activated

The Florida State Emergency Response Team Activated

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Preparing your pantry for a storm

As a storm approaches, the last place anyone wants to be is on line at the supermarket, fighting for whatever supplies are left on the shelves. Although many people wait until a storm watch or warning to purchase their food, water, and other materials, having these items on hand in advance of a storm can be a significant advantage.


According to the National Hurricane Center, some items that are important to keep in your home during hurricane season include at least 1 gallon of water per person, non-perishable packaged or canned food / juices, Battery operated and NOAA weather radio, as well as a water proof container for important documents.
To view the entire supplies checklist, please visit:

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