5 Ways to Preserve Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Hurricane Irma has left millions of Floridians without power, and in the aftermath of a storm, having your cell phone in proper working order can provide you with information to stay safe, and keep you in touch with your loved ones. Making the most of your cell phone’s battery life becomes essential once the power is out. Please consider the following tips for conserving your phone’s battery life:

1. Dim Your Screen

By dimming, or lowering the brightness on your screen to the lowest level without putting a strain on your eyes can significantly reduce your phone’s power consumption.

2. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi

Battery life is consumed anytime your cell phone is searching for signals. If your power is out, there is a high probability your Wi-Fi is out as well. Repeated searches for these signals can easily drain your battery.

3. Close All Unnecessary Apps

Restrict your phone usage to calls and texts. In some cases, you may open an app and not close it after it is no longer in use. This is a main reason your battery life is depleted quickly. Either turn off and restart your phone, or make it a point to close all your apps after they are no longer needed.

4. Send Text Messages Instead of Calling

If it is not an emergency and you need to contact someone, send a text over making a phone call. Texts use a lot less battery than a phone call does. Also, you are more likely to get through to someone via text if a phone network has been affected.

5. Limit Phone Usage Altogether

Keeping all cell phone usage to a minimum is the best way to conserve your phone’s battery life. If you can, power off your phone for a couple hours as it can save more battery than leaving it on and inactive.

Charging Tips to Consider

If your phone battery is running low, consider these alternate charging options:

-     Use your portable charging devices first. Some devices can charge your phone multiple times before their own battery dies.

-     Have power on your laptop? Use it to charge your phone via the USB cable

-     If you have exhausted all other options, and if it safe to do so, charge your phone in your car with a car charger.

We hope these tips will help you stay safe and connected until your power has been restored.  Should you have experienced damage from Hurricane Irma, please call our claims department at 866-549-9672.

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