Homeowner Responsibilities

Your homeowners insurance policy is a legal contract between you and your insurance carrier written responsibilities for both the homeowner and insurance company. Being a responsible policyholder means you understand your coverages, individual needs, and replacement costs.

Communication is key to being a responsible homeowner and requires a bit of research.  Knowing the right questions to ask your agent about possible hurricane protection credits, available discounts, additional coverages, and how they affect your premium, makes you an educated homeowner and may lead to lower premiums. The more you know, the more comfortable your agent will feel about addressing complex topics and the details of your home.

Before an application is bound, most homeowners insurance carriers will perform a home inspection. Therefore, you should be aware and address any potential issues, such as roof repairs and property hazards before an inspection is ordered. In some instances, carriers may also request additional information about the home and the policyholder. Be prepared to present additional documentation should it be required.

Your agent will communicate with the homeowners insurance carrier and provide them with the signed application and any necessary initial documentation to secure the coverages you have chosen. Should the carrier require additional documentation or an inspection, your cooperation will be expected.

If you are unaware of any issues and the report comes back requesting repairs, work with the carrier and your agent to resolve these issues in a timely manner. Remember carriers will suggest repairs of any unsafe areas of your home for your protection.

Some home issues are not always in plain sight, which is why it is important to conduct a routine inspection of your home every few months.  Ongoing maintenance issues are not typically covered and may be easily preventable. Should an issue be discovered during a carrier’s inspection process, your agent will notify you and provide details on possible fixes and repairs.

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