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June 1st signifies the start of a new Atlantic Hurricane season. Although many Florida homeowners associate this date with stress and anxiety, it does not have to be an uneasy time. By implementing a few techniques into your everyday routine now, you can take control of the season.  These measures are designed to leave you and your family with more time to join the long summer months knowing you are ready for the season.

Technique # 1 - Make Repairs and Schedule Work

Trying to complete or seeking assistance when a storm is looming over the horizon, is nearly impossible. If you are aware of any repairs or tasks which need to be finished prior to a storm’s arrival, start on those projects as soon as you can. Wind typically causes the most damage in a storm, so keep items which can turn into hazards or flying projectiles in check.  For example:

  • Trim trees
  • Remove yard debris
  • Repair non-functioning windows and garage doors
  • Clean gutters
  • Make space in your garage for yard storage

Technique # 2 – Stock Up

Waiting until a few days before a storm’s arrival or until the start of peak season to gather supplies, only serves to bring on undue stress. This June begin compiling with your hurricane supplies and necessities, and as you notice your supplies running low - immediately restock.  Be mindful of your gasoline consumption and keep your tank from running low to avoid long lines and crowds. In the event your home should lose power, have flashlights and batteries on hand to maneuver inside your home, and if possible, avoid using candles. Not sure what supplies to purchase, click here to see our “Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Ready” hurricane guide.

Should you wish to add Flood coverage to your existing policy or wish to make coverage changes, reach out to your local agent prior to a storm’s arrival.  In many instances, once a storm is threatening any portion of our State, carriers do not allow changes.

Technique # 3 – Take cover

Once tropical storms and hurricane watches are issued, final preparations are to start. Begin installing hurricane panels or shutters and bringing in any unsecured yard items. Drop the temperature in your refrigerator to its coldest setting to keep your perishables as cool as possible, for as long as possible. Should you have a bathtub, you may fill it with ice and use it as a cooler, the same can be done with a top-loading washing machine. If you have children, make certain to have plenty of toys, games, and devices on hand to keep them entertained.

While a storm is passing near your area, never step outside. Opening doors and windows during a storm can affect the pressure in your home and result in major damage, not to mention injure you or your family members. Should your home become compromised, seek shelter in a room with no windows. Once a storm has passed, do not exit your home until local officials have declared it is safe to do so.

Hurricane season in Florida is accompanied by serval stressful factors, but as a leader in the homeowners insurance marketplace, our experience shows it does not have to be a time of anxiety. Preparing early and taking steps now to secure your home now, will give you and your family peace of mind in a season of uncertainty. Take heed of our time-saving tips and contact your agent for a Florida Peninsula Insurance Company quote today.

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