Peace on Earth Starts with Good Insurance from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

The holidays have arrived and with it comes the end of 2020, a year like no other. We are all excited to see this year come to a close and are looking forward to bringing some normalcy back into our lives this time of year. Although our gatherings may still be different this year, the excitement of the season remains the same. As we make our preparations let us be mindful of the gifts we have been entrusted with, and the choices we make to protect them. With the joys of the holidays come food, family, and friends. We spend months preparing our gift lists, crafting our decorations, and deciding on the perfect menu for your special gathering. While you review all these details keep in mind some of these common holiday catastrophes:

Kitchen Fires: Easy to forget the food in the oven or the stovetop when you have guests over and you are sharing good times. Make sure you are mindful to set timers, use devices like Alexa or Google Home to remind you, or, preferably, do not leave the kitchen should food be cooking on the stovetop or oven.

Physical injuries: Santa is not the only one who is at risk of falling off the roof. As you prepare to hang those holiday lights around the perimeter of your home, take note to ensure your safety. Don’t do the work yourself, ensure you have a spotter holding the ladder at all times. Wear slip-resistant shoes and follow the directions on the package of lights you are using regarding the number of string lights you can put together.

Identity theft: As we socially distance, and avoid public places this holiday season, using our credit card online is the go-to form of payment for most of us. Ensure you are purchasing your gifts from a trusted website and review the URL begins with “HTTPS:” before entering your credit card and personal information.

Personal Property theft: Packages are sure to be delivered with your holiday gifts often as your purchases begin to arrive. If possible, see if the sender is able to schedule the delivery when someone will be home, or consider shipping items to a friend's house or your place of employment, if this is allowed. Avoid leaving your packages on your front porch unattended in plain view of passersby. Keeping these common catastrophes in mind will help you make the right decision to avoid or prevent some of these from occurring. However, being prepared with the proper homeowners insurance policy is the best decision of all. Coverages to consider may be; liability insurance to cover anyone who may get hurt on your property; identity theft to ensure your credit is restored should you be affected, and theft coverage should you be burglarized.

Not all policies are created equal, but a Florida Peninsula policy will allow you to increase your liability coverage up to $300,000, provide you with identity theft coverage for only $25 a year, and cover you for stolen items EVEN IF they were stolen away from your home. Peace on Earth starts with the Peace of Mind the right policy from Florida Peninsula. Ask your agent, how they can help you find the proper coverage or call us at 877-229-2244.

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