Ultimate Florida Hurricane Guide

Floridians know hurricane season can be filled with uncertainty from the strength of a storm to the path it may take.  Regardless of what we may experience, it’s important to be fully equipped and prepared for the worst. To avoid unnecessary stress or panic, it is important to take the proper steps to prepare before a storm is on the horizon. Below, we have compiled the ultimate Florida hurricane guide, and you can find a downloadable document here. We encourage Florida homeowners to follow these tips which can help reduce your risk of harm, property damage, and accelerate the recovery process should the unexpected occur.

Prepare the Outside of Your Home

Work outside should begin before any hurricanes arise. Complete any outer home maintenance and repairs ahead of time like trimming trees, fixing windows, or cleaning gutters. Make sure you have a space in a garage or shed for any yard furniture, decorations, or tools to easily store them without issue right before a storm threatens. Preparing in these ways can leave only a few outdoor tasks, like putting up hurricane shutters, which can be completed once a storm is closer.

Create a Home Inventory List

Should a storm hit and cause damages to your home, the last thing you need is to try and remember all the items you may have lost from the path of the storm.  This is why, it’s important to create an inventory list of all the items in your home ahead of time. Taking account of all your home’s items can be simple, by taking photos or a video on your phone while also taking note of the item’s model number, price, and where it was purchased. Doing so may help expedite the claims process. Read our post on The Importance of Creating a Home Inventory to learn more tips on creating a home inventory.

Stock Up & Pack Your Survival Kit

Gathering supplies a few days before a storm’s arrival is not ideal, as stores would probably have limited stock at this point. Compile a list of your storm necessities early in the season, some items being non-perishable foods, batteries, and flashlights. Find our list of recommended items Florida homeowners should consider adding to their list here. In a state of emergency or evacuation, it’s best to have a pre-packed kit of all your family’s essentials. Your kit can include important documents, prescription medications, and any other recommended items we’ve listed here.

Make an Emergency Plan

Whether it’s how to take shelter in your home or how to evacuate, discuss with your family an emergency plan of action. Should your home become compromised, gather your family and seek shelter in a room with no windows, then wait in your home until local officials have declared it is safe to leave. If the state issues an evacuation, you and your family should have already established a plan to follow. This can include, assigning an emergency kit to each family member, having a set evacuation destination, and ensuring everyone knows their emergency contacts. Don’t forget to include your pets into your emergency plans, packing and stocking any supplies they might need as well.  

Understand and Review Insurance Policies

The best way to prepare for a hurricane is by making sure you have all the proper coverage, before a storm causes any damage. Give your agent a call to review your policy and insurance coverages, and remember flood coverage is not included within your standard homeowners insurance policy. Contact your agent, as soon as possible to see if your home qualifies for a flood coverage endorsement with Florida Peninsula Insurance Company. The last thing you want to worry about is how you will replace your home and valuables if they are destroyed.

You can rest assured Florida Peninsula Insurance Company knows the importance of keeping your family and home safe and protected. We are one of Florida's largest homeowners insurance companies offering multi-peril policies covering homes, condos, and renters insurance. For more information, or to get a quote, please call 877-229-2244 or visit our website here.

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