Understanding Service Line Coverage

Florida Peninsula is happy to now be offering Service Line Coverage for our policyholders. To help you better understand what this new coverage option is all about, we are breaking down what it is, what it covers, and important things to know when obtaining Service Line Coverage.


About Service Line Coverage

Service Line coverage is an additional coverage which can only be added along with equipment breakdown coverage and only on homeowners HO3 policies. This coverage provides protection from "service line failures" meaning breaks, leaks, tears, ruptures, collapses, or arching to a wide range of buried lines including:


·        Water lines

·        Electrical lines

·        Sewer lines

·        Steam piping

·        Fiber optic lines

·        Drainage lines

·        Ground loop piping

·        Phone lines


Overall, Service Line Coverage provides coverage for the repair and/or replacement of underground service lines which the policyholder is responsible for at their residence.


The Cost and Restrictions

Service Line Coverage can only be added to Equipment Breakdown Coverage for an additional $30 per year, for a total of $80 per year. Service Line Coverage has a coverage limit of $10,000 per occurrence, the service line limit of $2,500 is based on line age, with a $500 deductible.


To qualify for Service Line Coverage, the policyholder must be the owner of the line, or must be the responsible party for the lines repair or replacement. The service line requiring repair must be located at the insured address.


There are no restrictions on the age of equipment or use of life restrictions with additional coverage for major home appliances. However, there are a few coverage exclusions to be mindful of. This coverage will not cover damage to septic systems, water wells, heating and cooling systems, or irrigation systems.


Compared to a Utility Service Plan

Having the Service Line Coverage option can replace your need for expensive monthly utility service plans. While Utility Service plans are line specific and focus on damage repair, they do not focus on restoration which this option covers. Utility Service plans also provide limited coverage for property repairs other than backfill, and do not make the policyholder whole.


Service Line Coverage is not an appliance maintenance policy, therefore regular equipment age-related wear, deterioration, or corrosion is not covered. However, if wear and deterioration cause the covered equipment to have an “equipment breakdown”, this damage may be covered.


What to Know When Obtaining This Coverage

Coverage may be added to an existing policy at any time with agent assistance. The coverage kicks in when covered equipment or lines are damaged and necessitates repair or replacement. Covered perils include: mechanical breakdown, electrical breakdown, and pressure system breakdown.


We also allow policyholders to use their own equipment and service line repair provider/contractor, unlike a home service or appliance maintenance plan.


Note: Service Line Coverage is not offered separately and can only be added with the Equipment Breakdown Coverage and only on homeowners HO3 policies. If you are interested in Service Line Coverage you must obtain Equipment Breakdown Coverage as well.


Get Service Line Coverage Today!

Call your agent to help you add any additional coverage to your policy. Ask them about our complete and comprehensive coverage options with the addition of our Equipment Breakdown and Service Line coverage today. Preparing for life’s unexpected home events has just gotten easier. To become a Florida Peninsula policyholder get a quote or call us at 877-229-2244, Option 1. 

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