What to Review When Renewing Your Policy

During renewal is a good time to review other areas of your policy. Taking time to ensure you have proper coverage now can save you time and money later. Follow our tips below on what to review when renewing your policy.

Review your Policy’s Coverage

Take time before renewal to review your coverage. You can call your agent to help you go over what’s covered in your policy or to make changes.

Consider Additional Coverage

After reviewing your coverage, you may want to consider adding additional coverage not included in your typical policy. Additions like a flood endorsement or liability coverage can offer you more protection in different kinds of losses.

Check your Deductibles

If your financial situation has changed over the course of a year, it could be a good time to evaluate your deductibles. You may want to consider raising your deductibles, which can lower your premium.

Note any Renovations or Additions

When you renovate or add additions to your home, the value of your home may increase. Ensure any new additions are covered in your policy and protect new appliances and personal property.

Inspect Your Roof

Be aware of the age of your roof and have it inspected annually. Keep your roof updated and in good condition to ensure it’s covered by your insurance. Go over specific policy details regarding your roof with your agent.

Evaluate Your Insurance Experience

Reflect on your overall experience with your carrier at the time of renewal. Remember, keeping your family and home safe and protected is Florida Peninsula Insurance Company’s top priority. For more information, or to get a quote, please call 877-229-2244.

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