Coverage E: Personal Liability

Personal liability coverage protects against things like medical bills and legal fees if someone happens to be injured on your property in the event you are found liable.
Florida Peninsula Insurance - Coverage E - Personal Liability

All About Personal Liability Coverage

Physical damage or personal injury that happens on your property goes beyond just you and your rental. Personal liability coverage, or Coverage E, kicks in to protect you when someone else is injured on your property or when you accidentally damage their property.

Everyone wants to protect their financial assets in the event of a potential lawsuit. When accidental injury or damage happens to someone else or their property that you are personally responsible for, personal liability coverage gives you the highest level of financial protection in order to pay for medical expenses, property repair, and even legal fees.

Even though personal liability protection is considered a secondary coverage to many, it is strongly encouraged you discuss with your agent the best options for adding this coverage to your renter’s insurance policy.

What's covered?

Coverage E can help pay for:
Temporary accommodation
Transportation costs
Pet boarding
Grocery or restaurant bills spent
Relocation costs of your personal belongings
Laundry expenses
Parking fees
Legal expenses
Medical bills
Loss Wages

How much Coverage E do I need?

Coverage E, or Personal Liability Coverage is offered with a standard $100,000 limit but may be increased up to $400,000. You may increase this coverage to $500,000 by purchasing our Gold or Platinum package for as little as $50/ per year. Our premium packages are inexpensive when you consider the amount of additional protection they provide should someone become injured in your rental property and file a lawsuit against you.

Coverage options for every possibility.

We understand that every customer is unique, so we offer many additional types of coverage for you to choose from.

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