With the excitement of a new semester and moving into a new dorm or apartment, many may not be thinking about whether their belongings are covered. If you are a college student living in on-campus housing such as a dorm, your belongings may be covered under your parents’ homeowners or renter’s insurance policy. However, it is a good idea to go over their policy to be aware of coverage limits, and to make changes to their policy, if needed.

If you are living in an off-campus apartment, condo or home, you most likely will need a separate renter’s insurance policy. Obtaining renter’s insurance is quite simple and is relatively affordable.  Renter’s insurance includes different variations of coverage, but almost always includes:

  Personal Belongings Coverage

o   Coverage for stolen or damaged belongings.

Liability Coverage

o   Coverage for the student if he or she is responsible for someone else’s injuries or accidental damage to their property (including the landlord).

Additional Coverages

o   Coverage for specific, expensive items.


Florida Peninsula Insurance Company offers comprehensive renter’s insurance with a variety of coverage options at reasonable prices.  If you are interested in finding out more information regarding our renter’s insurance selections, visit our renter’s insurance page or speak with your agent.



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