According to NOAA, mid-August through mid-October is the time when the Atlantic Hurricane Season is most active. Although there is no lack of disturbances throughout the six-month Hurricane Season, this period accounts for 78% of tropical storms, 87% of category 1-2 hurricanes, and 96% of major hurricanes (categories 3-5).  For this reason, it is pivotal you, your family and home are prepared. Here are 5 steps you can take now to prepare for the peak of hurricane season:


1.    Prepare your home and property

Don’t wait until the last second to prepare your home and property for a storm. Take the time now to conduct an inspection on your home and repair areas which could be damaged. Clear or secure objects in your yard, keep trees and shrubs trimmed and remove clutter from your roof, gutters, and drains. If you have hurricane shutters, keep them in a location easily accessible should you need to use them. 


2.    Take a home inventory

Should a hurricane or tropical storm cause damages to your home and contents, it is important to have a home inventory list of your items. Taking a home inventory can be quite simple. Take your phone or camera and take a picture or video of your items. Be sure to note their make and model, its price, and where it was purchased. Doing so may expedite the claims process. Should you need to evacuate, be sure to take your inventory along with other important documents with you. Click here for a video with tips for creating your home inventory.


3.    Stock up on emergency supplies


Once there is notice of a hurricane on the horizon, mass chaos ensues at your local grocery and supply stores while needed provisions fly off the shelves. It is recommended to gather supplies well in advance of a storm to be sure you and your family have all the items you will need. 



4.    Practice your emergency plan

Evacuating can be a very stressful time for the entire family. Reduce stress by having an emergency and evacuation plan in place well in advance of a storm. Do not forget to include all the members of your family and pets in your plans. Take the time now to discuss your plans with your family, and have peace of mind should a hurricane be on the horizon.


5.    Review your insurance policies


Now is the time to go through your insurance policies to be sure you have adequate coverage for damages caused by hurricanes. As we have seen over the past hurricane seasons, most of the damage was caused by flooding. If you have not already, speak to your agent about obtaining flood insurance. Should you have any concerns or questions about your policy, contact your agent, or call our Customer Service Department at 877-229-2244.




We hope you consider these tips to keep your home and family safe as the peak of Hurricane Season approaches.  In the event of a storm, Florida Peninsula stands ready to assist our policyholders and agents. Should you need to file a claim, you can do so online, or by phone at 866-549-9672. For additional hurricane preparation tips, visit the Tools and Tips section on our website.



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