5 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly for Earth Day

Many people are upgrading their homes with sustainable features to reduce waste and improve energy and water efficiency over the lifespan of the home. This will not only help save the earth but help them save money in the long run and increase the value of their home. Homeowners who are trying to lower their energy output, selling or renovating their home, or looking to save money on monthly bills may benefit from some of the following ways of making your home eco-friendly.

Install Solar Panels

Even though solar panels are initially a big investment, there can be many eco and financial benefits in the long run. Sunny Florida is the perfect place for this form of renewable energy, and homeowners may be eligible for a residential federal tax credit, property tax exemption, or other government incentives when they install solar panels. Once qualifying solar panels are installed by a licensed professional, our company can ensure their protection by providing coverage for your new solar panels. Contact us at 877-229-2244 or reach out to your agent for more information.

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy saving lightbulbs, timers, dimmers, and smart lighting systems are all ways homeowners can save electricity and money in the long run. LED lightbulbs use a lot less energy and last much longer than regular bulbs, perfect for outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures used every day. By using timers and dimmers, you can control the brightness and wattage you use, and you can set up a smart lighting system in your home for automatic adjustments.

Invest in Eco-Friendly Appliances

Typical home appliances which use the most energy can be refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves/ovens, air conditioners and clothes dryers. If you’re looking to invest in new appliances like these, make sure they have an Energy Star sticker attached. This means the appliance is verified as energy-efficient by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. You can also be eco-friendly without spending big bucks by hang drying clothes or hand washing dishes instead of running these appliances.

Plant a Garden

If you’re a fan of local sustainable food, try growing your own garden right at home. Dedicate a space in your backyard for all your favorite greens, or try hanging plants and windowsill gardens if yard space is limited. Gardens are a very popular wish list item for new homeowners, if you’re selling your home adding a space for a potential garden will make your home a winner.

Recycle and Compost

Recycling can be more than just throwing items into your recycling bin. Reusing plastic bags, repurposing containers, and revamping old clothing are all simple ways to recycle your materials. When looking to get rid of bigger items or pieces of furniture, you can sell materials like brick, wood, and metal for a small profit. Composting can keep food waste out of landfills and benefit your home garden with added nutrients at no extra cost to you!

Protect Your Eco-Friendly Home

If you’re making eco-friendly upgrades to your home, we want to make sure they’re protected. Call your agent to review or upgrade your policy, or you can contact us to get a quote and call 877-229-2244 for more information on Florida Peninsula’s policies.  

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