National Package Protection Day Tips

Celebrated annually on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, National Package Protection Day encourages homeowners to protect against package theft. With the start of the holiday season, millions of packages will be delivered to homes every day. Although there are many benefits of online shopping and home delivery, it is important you take heed of some of these safety tips to keep your packages safe this holiday season:

  • Track your packages online. Be sure to keep an eye on when your packages are set to arrive at your home, so you can make proper arrangements.
  • Install security cameras. Most security systems will send notifications to your phone when there is motion detected at your doorstep. Some security systems also allow you to video conference with someone at your door, which is a great deterrent for thieves.
  • Trust in a neighbor or friend. Should you be out of the house for several hours, ask a friend or neighbor to collect your packages for you.
  • Ship in store. Many retailers allow you to ship items to their store near you. While this may not be as convenient, it does provide additional security. If the retailer you are shopping from does not offer store pick-up, consider shipping your package to your local pack and ship store for pick-up.
  • Schedule your delivery. Most mail carriers allow you to reschedule the delivery of your packages if you are not going to be home. This option could be free; however, it may cost you a few extra dollars to reschedule depending on the delivery options available.

We hope you take these tips into consideration to protect your packages this holiday season. Happy shopping!

Keeping your family and home safe and protected is Florida Peninsula Insurance Company’s top priority. We are one of Florida's largest homeowners insurance companies offering multi-peril policies covering homes, condos, and renters insurance. For more information, or to get a quote, please call 877-229-2244.

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