Pet-Proofing Your Home

Dogs and cats, especially in their younger years, can be very curious. If you think about it, they are like babies and toddlers. Everything your home is new to them, from electrical sockets to door stoppers to curtains and more. Here are a few steps to pet-proof your home:

Aim Low: See life from their point of view. It always helps to get low to the ground, crawl around, and see what they see. Whatever stands out to you will most likely stand out to them. Plug all sockets, pin up any dangling wires, put away toys and games, etc. Don't set them up for wrong-doing; eliminate the dangers.

Remove all chemicals and sharp objects: Locking cleaning supplies up high or putting latches on the cabinets is a great idea. With a little determination, those sharp teeth can get through just about anything. Keep all sharp objects and tools out of reach to avoid injury.

Install gates: Install either pet or baby gates to confine your pets to a certain area of your home. For pets younger than 6 months or so, it is suggested they be confined to a smaller area such as a hallway, small bedroom, or the kitchen.

Take out the trash: Keep trash cans securely covered so pets cannot get into the garbage. If your trash bin does not have a lid and your pet is roaming the house, be sure to take out the garbage before you leave for work each day.

House plants: There are several types of house plants which pose a serious threat to animals, such as poisoning. Be sure your plants are high up and out of reach. If you own cats or kittens who can reach high places, plants would be safer outside.

Look around: Before shutting your closet or drawers and leaving for the day, make sure your pet is not sleeping inside of them to avoid trapping them. If your home contains swinging doors, install a latch to prevent accidental injuries.

It is important to be aware of all animal-related hazards in your home. A suggestion is to think of your pets as children. If it poses danger to your child, it most likely poses a danger to your pet as well. We hope you will take these suggestions into consideration when pet-proofing your home.

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