Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Florida Home

Our homes deserve an annual deep cleaning, and spring is the perfect time for a house refresh. If you’re not sure what should be on your spring cleaning to-do list, start by following our tips below to do the best cleaning for your Florida home.


Update the Air Filter

It’s important to be in the habit of replacing the HVAC filter in your Florida home on a consistent basis. How often you should be installing new filters depends on if you have pets or people with allergies in your home, and can range from every 2-6 months (source).  Consider installing a filter with a high MERV rating to keep you healthy during spring. This kind of filter will catch small, irritating particles and unwanted dust built up in air ducts during the winter. You’ll also avoid a serious fire hazard by updating your filter, as dirty air filters can lead to a ventilation fire.


Clear Your Yard &Gutters

Clear your yard and gutters of all the dead vegetation accumulated during the fall and winter. When the spring rain showers start to come in, your yard and gutters will be ready to help mitigate the water. It’s important to remove dry and dead vegetation to avoid possible brushfires which can happen during dry and windy days in Florida.

Wash the Windows

Your windows allow the beautiful sunshine to enter your Florida home. By keeping them clean you can help improve energy efficiency and avoid possible glass degradation, all while increasing the value of your home. Start by dusting the frames, screens, and blinds around your window, then use your cleaner to wipe the inside and outside to give the glass a full wash. A good tip is to choose a cloudy day to clean your windows to avoid streaks staying on the glass.


Deep Clean Your Appliances

Cooking appliances can get a lot of food buildup over time which may pose an increased fire hazard. With a sprinkle of baking soda and white vinegar, it should be easy to scrub off any residue from your stove tops, ovens, and microwaves. Remember to clean your dishwasher by clearing any food pieces from the bottom and crevices of the machine and run an empty cycle with safe dishwasher cleanser.


Review Your Insurance Policy

Spring isn’t just for cleaning, it can also be an excellent time to reassess your home insurance. Keep your Florida home safe by ensuring you’re properly covered with Florida Peninsula. Call your agent today to help you review and make changes to your policy. For more information, or to get a quote, please call 877-229-2244. 

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