Tips to Take the Stress out of Painting

One of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh new updated look for the new year is with a fresh coat of paint. All the color options, techniques, and equipment available at your local hardware store may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Painting can be fun! Consider some of these tips to make your painting experience fun and exciting.


Picking your paint and finish

Choosing the right paint for your room may depend on the features of the room such as size, focal point, etc.  To make a room look larger than it is, consider painting the room in light colors such as cream or white. Should you choose pastel colors, blues and greens tend to work best in small spaces.  Select furnishings for the room in a similar color as minimizing contrasting colors add to the perceived image of a room.  Should you want a darker color, select paint with a high gloss finish. The shine provided by this type of paint will reflect light and add to the overall look of the space.

Don’t forget accents

Those beautiful accents around your living area need to be noticed.  Consider painting crown moldings with high gloss paint to make them pop.  Select an accent wall to give some dimension to the room.  If you want to hide some of the not so beautiful features of the room, try to paint those features in the same color as the walls, to disguise them and help them blend into the rest of the space.

Deciding on colors

When you arrive at your home improvement store the color selection will be overwhelming.  The good news is you can request samples to bring home and test on your walls.  Paint large areas of different walls to view the look and feel of the color, as well as the effects of the lighting from windows and overhead.  Look at your selections at different times of the day. Lights and shadows in your home often change throughout the day, causing the paint on your walls to change as well.

Don't forget the psychology of color.  What colors make you feel good?  There is research indicating different colors affect our moods. However, how it affects us depends on different factors including our culture and heritage.  Some studies show blues are calming while reds tend to evoke feelings of anger.  Other studies state reds illicit feelings of love and warmth, while blues evoke sadness and indifference.

For more tips on how to choose the right paint for your home, visit our Pinterest board.

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