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5 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

With the summer months approaching, the temperatures and humidity tend to rise in Florida. It is important you and your family take precautions as the temperatures begin to climb this summer. Consider these tips to stay cool.

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Keeping your Identity Secure Over the Holidays

Around this time of year, the holiday sales are at their prime while everyone is gearing up to buy presents, decorations, and other goods. Criminals count on the holidays to find easy targets for scams and theft. Here are a few things to look out for:   Keep an eye on your receipts and statements:  It’s a great reference to verify unknown charges on your accounts. Should something appear incorrect, contact your financial institution immediately.   Charity Scams: Do your research before donating to a charity, especially during the holiday season. If you’ve never heard of the organization, it is best to do a quick search online to be sure it is credible. This is often the time of year where we see a rise in charity scams.  If you’d like to give back this holiday season, contact the charity of your choice directly to find out how you can donate, or volunteer with their organization.   Protect Yourself Online:  When shopping online, try to shop ...

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Beach Safety Tips for the Summer

Before heading out on your next beach day, here are 5 things to consider when making safety a top priority.

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How to Identify and Treat Snake Bites

  Our warm tropical weather allows for residents to explore and enjoy the great Florida outdoors. However, our warm climate makes for snakes inhabiting Florida also become more active, increasing your chances of encountering one when spending time outside. Therefore, is it increasingly important you know how to identify a snake bite, and how to treat one in the unlikely event that you or another is bitten.  Fortunately, snake bites are very rare and the effects of them are almost never fatal, occurring six times per year in the United States, on average. Furthermore, only six of the 50 species of snakes found in Florida are venomous, so the chances of serious injury from a snake bite are likewise very low. It is still very important you are able to identify a snake bite so you can properly treat them. Snake bites are characterized by the following signs and symptoms: ·         A pair of puncture wounds, caused by the snake’s fangs ·&n ...

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Beware of Fraud After Hurricane Irma

  Floridians affected by Hurricane Irma are beginning the recovery process by notifying their insurance carriers and making repairs to their properties. We urge our policyholders who have experienced damage from Hurricane Irma to call Florida Peninsula Insurance Company first to protect themselves from fraud.  After natural disasters, it is not uncommon for fraudulent contractors to pray on those experiencing a loss. Contractors will go door-to-door soliciting repair and cleanup services to those in need. At times, these contractors may be out-of-town "storm chasers" who may not have the proper licenses to make the repairs they promise to deliver.    There is a high probability Assignment of Benefit (AOB) forms will be offered to policyholders when contractors go door-to-door soliciting business or making emergency repairs. When an AOB form is signed by a homeowner, they are assigning their rights under their homeowners insurance policy to the vendor, and allowing ...

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